Welcome to Murley’s Floor Covering – your trusted source for exquisite flooring solutions that perfectly blend beauty and functionality. As the premier flooring store in Kennewick, WA, we take immense pride in introducing you to the world of waterproof laminate flooring, where possibilities are as vast as the ocean. Step into our realm of flooring expertise, as we uncover how this innovative flooring option transcends material limitations and offers a captivating array of styles and designs.

Diving Deeper into Waterproof Laminate

At Murley’s Floor Covering, we've been Locally & Family Owned since 2005, and we've witnessed firsthand the evolution of flooring trends. Waterproof laminate flooring has emerged as a remarkable contender, redefining both residential and commercial spaces with its durability, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional laminate, waterproof laminate is crafted with advanced technologies that create a protective barrier against moisture, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to spills, splashes, and humidity.

Beyond Material: Unveiling the Design Spectrum

But here's the exciting part – waterproof laminate flooring is not merely about its water-resistant attributes. It's about the kaleidoscope of styles and designs that it brings to the table. At Murley’s, we understand that each space tells a unique story, and the flooring you choose is a canvas to express it. Let's embark on a journey through the diverse design universe of waterproof laminate:

1. Timeless Hardwood Replicas

With advancements in printing technology, waterproof laminate can replicate the natural textures and grains of hardwood. From rich oak to elegant maple, you can enjoy the charm of hardwood without worrying about water damage. Imagine the classic warmth of hardwood adorning your kitchen or bathroom without a care in the world.

2. Captivating Stone Emulations

Waterproof laminate can mimic the elegance of stone, encompassing the rugged allure of slate, the refined beauty of marble, and the earthy tones of travertine. These designs are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any space, while the water-resistant quality ensures that your floors remain unblemished by everyday spills.

3. Modern Aesthetic Innovations

Are you inclined towards a more modern and artistic vibe? Waterproof laminate offers an array of contemporary designs that range from geometric patterns to abstract visuals. This opens the door to personalized flooring solutions that perfectly align with your unique taste and interior decor.

4. Rustic and Reclaimed Inspirations

For those who adore the rustic and reclaimed look, waterproof laminate has got you covered. Imagine the cozy charm of weathered barnwood or the authenticity of distressed planks gracing your living room or bedroom. These designs evoke a sense of history and nostalgia, all while maintaining their water-resistant prowess.

5. Limitless Color Palette

From subtle neutrals to bold and vibrant shades, the color possibilities in waterproof laminate are virtually endless. Create visual contrasts, complement existing color schemes, or make a bold statement – all without compromising on water resistance.

Experience the Possibilities at Murley’s

As your trusted flooring partner, Murley’s Floor Covering is committed to providing you with a diverse selection of waterproof laminate flooring options. Our showroom in Kennewick, WA, is a haven for flooring enthusiasts, where you can touch, feel, and envision your dream floors coming to life. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through the myriad of choices, ensuring that your flooring selection aligns perfectly with your vision.