Finding the perfect countertops

When you need new countertops, you'll want to explore all the options that cater to your household's needs, especially if it's busy and active. Some materials will meet your needs better than others, which makes the learning process one of the most important. Consider this information as you prepare to remodel your kitchen or bathroom for surfaces that meet your needs.

Do you need outstanding durability?

If your kitchens and bathrooms see extensive daily use, we understand that durability will be one of the most critical requirements for your remodel. In such a case, we will point you toward quartz countertops, which offer outstanding durability and resist scratches, stains, and chips. In addition, since quartz is a man-made material, it never needs sealing or re-sealing but stands up well to all the activities on your counters.

For visual appeal, quartz countertops can take the appearance of any natural stone. So, if you want the look of marble, granite, or slate, you can find it in this product line. With so many trendy options, you're sure to find your perfect match.

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Do you prefer natural materials?

If only all-natural materials will do for your household, try granite countertops, which offer stunning visual options, designs, swirls, and colors. It's an excellent choice for any décor scheme and often sets the stage for the rest of your décor, either with neutral support or as a classic focal centerpiece. The options and added benefits of granite could be just what you want in a kitchen or bathroom surface.

Since granite is an all-natural stone, it requires sealing to ensure maximum stain, moisture, and scratch resistance. And it will need to be re-sealed once every seven to ten years. To learn more about quartz and granite countertops, visit our showroom and speak with an associate today.

We’re here for your countertop needs

At Murley's Floor Covering, we are locally and family-owned, serving the tri-cities area since 2005 with high-quality materials. Our clients are our first priority, as we aim for complete satisfaction for any size residential or commercial project. We start by scheduling appointments based on your availability and convenience so that everything about your experience works for you.

With a showroom in Kennewick, WA, we cater to the communities of Kennewick, WA, Pasco, WA, and Richland, WA, and we look forward to providing countertops for you. So, bring your needs, preferences, and remodeling vision to our attention when you visit for customized results that are sure to please. Whether you need a big or small remodel, we're always here for you and your family.