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Find exquisite designs for any space. Our curated countertop selection is unlike any other. From hardy materials to rich, deep tones, our countertop selection offers the best in design and durability, all at an affordable price. For projects large and small, we’re here for you!


Form & Function

When it comes to designing your kitchen and bathroom one of the most important elements are the countertops. Countertops see a lot of action so they should be functional, but they also offer an aesthetic value to every space. They provide the perfect opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen and bath.

Cambria Brittannica Countertops
Cambria Ridgegate Countertops
Cambria Trafalgar Countertops
Cambria Whitendale Countertops

Our Featured Brands

Family owned and American made, Cambria offers exceptional quality and design for your home. Cambria's quartz countertops are perfect for both kitchen and bathroom remodels.
Pental Quartz
PentalQuartz combines the timeless beauty of natural stone with superior strength and durability. Engineered for easy maintenance, long-life, and infinite design possibilities, Pental Quartz is ideal for nearly any application.
Arizona Tile
Started in 1977 by John Huarte, Arizona Tile is one of the leading tile and slab distributors in the United States. Offering products for both residential and commercial customers, Arizona Tile is known for quality throughout the industry.
With state of the art manufacturing facilities, Hanstone prides itself in having a high level of consistency in regards to color, texture, and quality of their products.
MSI offers a vast selection of granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, and natural quartz countertops and slabs. No matter the design or application, MSI has the perfect countertop to fit any need.
Wilsonart provides beautifully designed, engineered surfaces for both residential and commercial applications. Their products are made to be long-lasting and on-trend.

Popular Countertop Materials

There are a variety of materials available today for countertops and many times no one material is best for all surfaces. This is especially true from a design perspective; combining different materials in creative applications always makes for that impressive space.


Marble Countertops

Marble comes in many different colors and give your countertop a glowing touch. This reflected light is due to the calcium the marble contains. Because it is heat resistant and is always kept cool, this material is great for creating pastries. Its texture is even nice and smooth. When dealing with the maintenance of it, a damp cloth is all you will need. Wiping the surface with this cloth rapidly after your spill will give you the best results.


Granite Countertops

Granite gives your bathroom countertops a sense of depth that could not be found at such intensity in any other man made material. It is made up of hard material which makes it resistant to heat, which keeps it from melting or scratching easily. In addition it is a surface resistant to bacteria. This rock is then polished and made into a durable fine looking countertop that adds sophistication and value to your home.


Quartz Countertops

Often considered as an alternative to granite, quartz surfaces are a popular choice for kitchen countertops. More durable and long-lasting than granite, quartz is one of the hardest materials in the world, making it a viable choice for a kitchen countertop. Quartz surfaces are stain and heat resistant, making them easy to maintain. The non-porous quality of quartz also makes it highly resistant to mold and bacteria contamination.


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