Top-Quality tough waterproof flooring for your home

Do your floors constantly look dirty and stained, no matter how regularly you've spent cleaning them? We have a solution! Our high-quality waterproof flooring includes the perfect combination of looks, longevity, and ease of upkeep.

Murley's Floor Covering provides an incredible assortment of strong waterproof flooring at low costs.

Waterproof flooring can make your life easier

The solution to your floor problems lies in our vast selection of waterproof flooring. It is impervious to spills or liquids and is astonishingly effortlessly to wash with only a damp cloth.

Our waterproof floors aren't only functional and effortless to maintain, they're stunning to look at in addition. From conventional to contemporary, there are various designs and styles to select from, so you're certain to find precisely what you hope for from our huge selection.

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Tremendous for bathrooms and kitchens

Hard-surface floors are ideal for areas like bathrooms and kitchens. We have sturdy, easy-maintenance waterproof vinyl flooring that executes tremendous in every area of your home where water is periodically utilized. They come in tile and plank styles, with a tremendous assortment of colors and textures that look like genuine wood or tiles.

Due to a blend of modern technology and advanced materials, you'll not have to think about our premium quality waterproof floors curving, splitting, or warping, even in flood circumstances.

If you're searching for a flooring with great scratch resistance, waterproof flooring will meet your desires once more. Due to a protective wear layer, this flooring can comfortably stand up to scratches, scrapes, nicks, and dents.

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Contact Us, and our trusted team will be delighted to explain all about our assortment of waterproof floors and give you a free quote.

Two: price and timeframe

When you've selected your waterproof flooring, we'll give you a price and agree on a date for delivery and installation.

Three: we install your waterproof floors

The important day has come! Our waterproof flooring specialists start installing your gorgeous brand-new floor.

Four: final checks and warranty

After we install your waterproof floor, our team will carry out a last check to make certain that you're happy with it all. We will additionally talk about the care instructions and warranty for your waterproof floors.
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Waterproof and WPC flooring pricing relies on the type and quality picked. We use excellent materials, so rest assured you're receiving excellent value, and they will last.

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We carry a large collection from various different labels, so please give our friendly team a call if you'd want any suggestions about which to choose. They know everything about waterproof flooring and can help you pick the best fitting material.

When it comes to selecting new floors, durability is of utmost importance. Alongside our premium materials, we prioritize flawless installations. Our skilled installers, with their years of expertise, will ensure that your flooring is meticulously installed to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Come by our flooring showroom for an enormous selection of waterproof floors right by you at prices you will love! Our Kennewick, WA showroom serves Kennewick, WA, Pasco, WA, and Richland, WA.